Athena Adds Distinction to Martin Door Options

Martin Door is adding a unique glass garage door to its evolving line of aluminum-extruded garage doors.

Martin is now offering the Athena model garage door.  The new residential offering gives the homeowner the option of multiple window and aluminum panel combinations.  It gives a home a very high-end look and is among the most unique garage doors in the world.  The door is available in 77 different powder color options.

Adding to the unique look, a homeowner can choose between acrylic windows or tempered glass windows that will come with clear, smoked or frosted panels.

Martin takes a different approach to building its unique glass garage door.

Some other brand doors simply take a commercial style service station door and convert it into a residential door, with little or no regard to homeowner safety. When Martin designed its all glass door, it did so with safety in mind.  Martin residential garage doors come with over 30 key safety and long life upgrades standard.   Martin has been an innovator for safety within the industry for more than a decade.

Ken Gilles, a spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, recently told a Salt Lake Tribune reporter that Martin Door builds its product to a “higher standard” than the rest of the industry.

Building a unique door is not a long process at Martin Door.  The lead-time for the Athena Door is only about three weeks, much less than the industry standard of six-eight weeks.

Shaun Murphy, national sales manager for Martin Door Manufacturing, said he expects the door to be especially popular in coastal areas among higher end homeowners.

He said what makes the Athena different from any other door offered by other companies is that it comes with Fingershield™ and all of the Martin Door safety options, plus comes in power coat colors as well.

Besides high quality overhead type garage doors in glass, Martin also manufactures doors in steel,  cooper, and aluminum and also sells  commercial doors and a full line of garage door openers for the home.

Martin Doors are built in the United States and distributed to 93 countries in the world, including China.  The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1994 Martin Door Manufacturing received the “E” Award for excellence in exporting from President Bill Clinton.  Martin is also the only garage door manufacturer in the world certified continuously to the ISO 9001 quality standardPsychology Articles, which also has Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed garage door and opener systems.  Their product has also been certified for sale in Europe.